Follow these steps to start Online Consultation at

Step 1. Go to the “Online Consultation” page.

Step 2. Choose the payment gateway to make the online payment (ICICI, CCavenue for Indian credit/debit cards or Paypal for non-Indian cards).

Step 3. If you choose to pay online, then fill in all your details and make the payment.

Step 4. After you payment is confirmed, you will then be redircted to the registration page, where you can set your password for your account.

Step 5. Go to the login page and enter the email id you used to make the payment and the password that you chose.

Step 6. After logging in, click on “Case Discussion” in the login box. You can type in your question in the editor and click on “post reply”.

Step 7. To check Doctor’s reply you will get a mail from in this regards. Then login to your account at and

Step 8. Click on “Reply Now” to view and reply to doctor.

Step 9. Type your reply or query in the Editor and click on “Post Reply”